How do you keep your mind outside even when your body is at work?

Anyone who can escape to the wilderness on a Tuesday afternoon should feel fortunate, but that’s not a reality for most full-time employees. Today’s young workers crave more flexible hours at the office, even more than a higher salary, but many are still on the cubicle grind during the workweek. But the cubicle doesn’t have to be this bland, beige landscape we see on Office Space. You can easily transform your workspace into a wilderness wonderland with just a little effort and creativity.

This is how I turned my own workspace into a National Park:

Cubicle Nature Transformation

First thing you notice is the backdrop. Luckily for me, my office has a print center that whipped this up for $40. I simply gave them the measurements and sent them the high-resolution image I found on a desktop wallpaper site. They brought it up in a few days and I just pinned it to the walls. If your employer doesn’t have a print center, I can’t imagine a FedEx charging more than $100 for the job.

After that I just filled it with small nicknacks tied to great memories (from left to right):

  • A map of my future Yosemite backpacking trip — Cathedral Lakes to Yosemite Falls
  • New York Times crossword puzzle daily calendar
  • A plush “Dug” from the movie “Up” (I took off his cone)
  • An empty jar where almonds usually live
  • The “SQUIRREL!” always distracting Dug
  • A small, fake plant from Target
  • Yosemite background on the monitor
  • Mike Wazowski coffee mug (purchased at Disneyland with Dug)
  • Nalgene bottle with stickers from my favorite parks and outdoor spots

What does your outdoors workspace look like? Post your own personal forest in the comments below.