There’s a lot going on outside of Arizona. It’s not just about me! My girlfriend’s best friend took a Memorial Day Weekend bike trip through Ohiopyle State Park in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania (makes about as much sense as Kansas City, Missouri). Like most 9-to-5’ers, Meghan finds time for the outdoors where she can. I asked her some questions about the trip.

Meghan Rosano
Location: Pittsburgh
Job: Client Administration Officer

What’s your first memory of hiking, camping, or the outdoors?
My first time camping was the summer after 8th grade and I went with my cousin, a friend, and her family. We went to Cook’s Forest and I didn’t really like it! I think I just really don’t like the bug situation, and waking up in to spiders in the tent. I don’t know that I’m a camper still, I think I’m more of a cabin person but I do really like the outdoors now!

Was this your first time visiting Ohiopyle?
Yes. My friend Lisa wanted to get away for Memorial Day Weekend and she had been to Ohiopyle before so it was her suggestion.

What did you do there?
It took about two hours to get there and we got lost on the way so we arrived around 10:30 am. We rented bikes, and biked along the trail for about two hours. After returning the bikes, we stopped to get lunch at a local restaurant before we headed back to the city.

Ohiopyle looks famous for its rivers and kayaking. Ever done anything like that?
I have done kayaking but not in Ohiopyle. My husband Brian has a kayak so sometimes we take it out on the river in Pittsburgh and I’ve also done kayaking on Deep Creek Lake. Both were very calm waters, nothing too crazy. The day we went to Ohiopyle the water was really high because it had rained so much the night before, so there were lots of warnings about not going in the water.

Why biking over hiking?
I like to hike and bike, but I like to bike more. We definitely went further on the trails and saw more on the bike versus if we had gone hiking.

We went on a biking bar crawl in Phoenix a few years ago. How does this compare?
I think that the Phoenix bar crawl was more fun and this bike ride was more of a workout. I also think the Phoenix bar crawl was more about being social and having fun. When I was in Ohiopyle I was just trying to take in my surroundings and found it peaceful.

Who was the seasoned vet in the group and who was the newbie?
I would say my friend Lisa was the seasoned vet. She’s been to Ohiopyle several times and she’s been camping overnight there. And I would probably be the newbie.

How often are you able to get away from work or life in general to get outside?
Not as much as I would like! But I try and do things on the weekends that are outside. We have a porch so I like to sit out there on the weekends and have my coffee. I like to go to the farmer’s markets around town, go to the free outdoor yoga classes offered, and things like that! I go on a walk with a friend who lives down the street after work sometimes.

What’s your #1 bucket list place to visit?
There are so many places I haven’t been that I would love to see! But I think my number one is not very original. I would love to see the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Where is the next trip?
This weekend we are heading to Johnstown, PA to go tubing! It’s called Coal Tubin, and I think it’s just like a lazy river, and you link up the tubes and head down the river. I’ve never done this before so we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks Meghan! We’ll have more Q&A’s from 9-to-5’ers around the country and get a better look about how they balance work and their lives outdoors.