Grab your espresso and coconut milk (trying something new this week), it’s time for the Monday Morning Recap—five categories for five minutes of reading.

Where I’ve Been

Sequoia National Park, Big Sur, & Yosemite National Park

9to5hiker sequoia national forest

9to5hiker big sur

9to5hiker sequoia national forest

I mentioned two weeks ago how road closures in upper Yosemite forced new plans for the big trip to California. Well, it turns out backup plans can be pretty incredible if you’re willing to be flexible and spontaneous. We started off with a night in LA, drove to Sequoia National Park and camped in the neighboring national forest, hopped over to the pacific to see Big Sur, then capped off the trip in Yosemite for 4th of July.

Oh, and also a pretty big moment happened.

9to5hiker sequoia proposal

She didn’t say no!

Where I’m Going

Humphreys Peak, Flagstaff, Arizona

9to5 hiker humphreys peak

The next Trail Tales is headed to the tallest peak in Arizona. I’ll be filming at 12,635 feet in the next week or two for a new video. Check out Druid Arch and West Clear Creek for previous Trail Tales.

What’s in the News

REI is joining Patagonia in its call to challenge the Trump administration on public lands, and Outdoor Retailer is moving its trade show from Salt Lake City to Denver in 2018. The topic of public lands is becoming more political. I’ll be writing about this in-depth later in the week and then I’ll try avoid politics on this site after that (everyone is just happier that way).

Today’s Gear Envy

I’m always thinking about ways to shave weight off my pack. Right now I’m using a reliable-but-heavy water filter and want to switch to the Sawyer Squeeze system. It’s a fraction of the weight and you can screw it onto a Smart Water bottle for easy use.

Food for Thought

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity?” I have something in the works that meets the definition of luck perfectly. What lucky moment are you preparing for?