Grab your coffee and sign into Slack, it’s time for the Monday Morning Recap—five categories for five minutes of reading.

Where I’ve Been

West Clear Creek, Arizona

9to5hiker West Clear Creek swim

Nearby wildfires created some smog around Humphreys Peak, so I rerouted to a new destination—Hanging Gardens at West Clear Creek Wilderness. This hike is full of obstacles. A long, off-road drive to the trailhead, a steep hike down into the canyon, slippery rocks through the river, and several points where you have to swim. A thunderstorm forced an early turnaround, but not before I got tons of great footage in the river. Video coming soon.

Where I’m Going

Yosemite National Park (Or Not)

It’s frustrating when six months of planning don’t work out as intended, but that’s what happens when the High Sierras get the most snow in recorded history. I got permits back in January to backpack Cathedral Lakes to Yosemite Valley this weekend, but the road to the trailhead will likely not be open. If the road doesn’t open, it’s time for plan B—Sequoia, Redwood, and Half Dome at Yosemite across five days.

What’s in the News

It’s no secret that Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario is outspoken against President Trump’s plan to review America’s National Monuments—it’s a common stance for most outdoor companies. But Trump’s minions hold a special hatred for the Patagonia brand. I simply mentioned the name on the 9 to 5 Hiker Facebook page and the comments came rolling in.

9to5hiker Patagonia outrage

Today’s Gear Envy

Sea to Summit 65L Dry Bag

9to5hiker Sea to Summit dry bag 65l

While a durable trash bag works just fine for rain, it didn’t hold up as well during my river hike last weekend. Luckily my clothes and sleeping bag were in separate, smaller dry bags, but my tent was completely soaked. I would definitely invest in a large dry bag to hold everything on my next river excursion.

Food for Thought

I look at these comments on my Facebook page and think, “The one topic liberals and conservatives should agree on is the preservation of America’s public lands.” Hikers and hunters alike both use and rely on these lands and defunding, selling, or transferring them would be detrimental to their well-being. So if you are a conservative and take what Rose Marcario is saying personally, know that the outdoors industry is only interested in keeping preserving land that was here long before us, and should be here long after.