Grab your coffee and don’t forget your TPS reports, it’s time for the Monday Morning Recap—five categories for five minutes of reading.

Where I’ve Been

Macomb, Illinois

What, you don’t know about the town visited twice by Abraham Lincoln? It’s been a while since I had a real dose of Small Town, USA. We spent a short weekend in central Illinois for a friend’s wedding that was literally among the cornfields. Congrats to the bride and groom, Ciara and Eric.

9to5 hiker eric wedding reception 9to5 hiker eric wedding house 9to5 hiker eric wedding brothers

Where I’m Going

Anywhere but Phoenix, Arizona

Tuesday’s forecast is 120 degrees. There isn’t a single line about “dry heat” that will save you from such a scorching temp. I’m getting the hell out of Dodge and camping a few nights in much cooler northern Arizona. Hopefully film a new Trail Tales while I’m there.

9to5 hiker humphreys peak

What’s in the News

The Pacific Crest Trail—which connects Mexico all the way to Canada—is very dangerous this year due to record snowfall over the winter. Even experienced hikers are having trouble in places like the High Sierras in California where snowfall was its worst (or best, if you’re a skier). Read more at Outside Magazine.

Today’s Gear Envy

Worn Wear by Patagonia

9to5hiker worn wear

Patagonia makes some of my favorite gear on the planet, but its high quality comes at a high price. That’s why Worn Wear is such an incredible deal. Think of it like a certified pre-owned car. A down jacket, normally $200+, is a steal at $80. You get a good price and you help Patagonia reduce waste by reusing gear. Win-win.

Food for Thought

In my last post, “Embrace the Hell of Secondary Fun,” I wrote that human beings need a certain amount of conflict to feel alive. If your everyday is feeling routine and sluggish, ask yourself, “Is life getting too comfortable?”