Grab your coffee and roll up your chair, it’s time for the very first Monday Morning Recap—five categories for five minutes of reading.

Where I’ve Been

Cibecue Falls, Arizona

This easy, 4-mile roundtrip is perfect for a hot summer hike. The long drive from Phoenix is the hardest part (roughly 2-3 hours), but after that it’s refreshing creek crossings, wading, swimming holes, and a giant waterfall at the end of the trail. Cibecue didn’t originally make my list of top 5 swimming holes in Arizona, but I might need to change that.


Where I’m Going

St. Louis, Missouri

It’s not the outdoors, but it’s home. I’m flying back this weekend for a friend’s wedding and stopping by the greatest patch of grass on the way—Busch Stadium. It’s supposed to rain, so I’ll have my Patagonia Torrentshell ready to go. After that, it’s back to another wilderness adventure.

What’s in the News

New threats to public lands—such as funding cuts or the private sale—is now endangering our wildlife corridors. Without these paths of migration, many species won’t survive. Read more at The Guardian.

Today’s Gear Envy

9to5hiker copper spur HV UL3

Tents are either big and heavy or tiny and light, but Big Agnes looks like it cracked the code to have the best of both. The Copper Spur HV UL3 gives extra space for two people (can fit three like a package of hot dogs) and weights less than four pounds. That is light for a three-person tent.

Food for Thought

“Once destroyed, nature’s beauty cannot be repurchased at any price.”Ansel Adams

Feature photo courtesy of The Outbound Collective.