Weekday Warriors, Weekend Explorers


I love the outdoors. I love backpacking through National Parks, exploring forest roads, sleeping under the stars, and sitting by the fire with good friends. Hell, sometimes I’ll go to REI just to walk around and look at the new gear.

Cubicle Nature Transformation

This is my wilderness Monday through Friday.

I would spend seven days a week outside if I could but that’s not my reality. Photographers, freelancers, park rangers, part-timers, and even drifters can get lost in the wilderness on a Tuesday, but 40 hours each week I am inside a cubicle.

Outdoor enthusiasts would call that a nightmare, but don’t feel sorry for me. A desk is hardly a prison and a full-time job is hardly a life sentence. I’ve figured out the best ways to maximize my freedom working a full-time office job and this website is here to share them with you. So if you’re a fellow desk jockey or just anyone who wants to learn more about getting outside, we’ll cover:

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